Clean Manufacturing

Dalton-Home A New Touch To Local Manufacturing

Liquid Soap

We are taking a new aproach to Manufacturing. With a focus on utilising  more of local resouces  to sustainably manufacture products that are environmentally friendly and non agressive to the human body.

Our approach


Use Local Resouces


Our manufacturing process is backed by extensive research and consideration for clean manufacturing


Flat tyres occur anywhere and anytime, get the E-tyre and save the stress if having to change a tyre in inconvenient circumstances, in the rain, when late for an appointment, in a dark and risky neighborhood. When u don’t want to soil up yourself . You need to look good and fresh for an appointment.. Don’t let your mum,wife or dad get held-up by a flat tyre.

Hand sanitizer

Maintaining a hygienic life style is challenging with so much bacteria on various surfaces that we touch daily.

Our hand sanitizer guarantees your hygiene.  Small and portable, you can use it where ever and when ever.

Plastic Tiles

Plastic recycling is our way of reducing
the harm we do to the environment. plastic pollution and waste have been on the rise. aquatic and small animals feel the impact of the plastic pollution. we have decided to join the green minded people by recycling plastic wastes into beautiful plastic tiles for home use and outdoor side walks. our project capitalises on keeping the environment clean and sustainable, creating jobs through manufacturing which elebates the standard of living of the inhanitants especially in rural areas in Africa and Cameroon